Thursday, September 29, 2011

More information on the Totobobo dust mask. And a discount code.

After the review the other day on the Totobobo dust mask I have had many inquiries and I have some exciting news. I contacted the manufacturer and asked for a discount code for my readers. They were more than happy to offer a 5% discount to the readers of the Scrollsaw Workshop. Just enter the discount code "Scrollsaw5" without the quotes. This discount only applies when ordered form the main web site linked above.

I want to stress again that I receive no money from the sale of these masks. When I review a product it is my true opinion of the product and not influenced by profit on my part. This is part of my 5 step program to ween myself off of bribes. I do however have my breaking point so keep the bribes coming.

Another question I had was if they have a U.S. distributor. Yes they Do. Paula Ann Ford is a pastel artist. They have the same problem we have with airborne dust. She started using the Totobobo mask and liked it so much she became a distributor. You won't be able to use the discount code from her site. She sells the mask and 4 sets of filters for $24.95 + $3 shipping and handling. I talked with Paula and she was eager to work with us in the scroll saw world. I also contacted the manufacturer and they spoke very highly of Paula and her ability to handle our orders.

Guys and gals I have heard all the excuses for not wearing a dust mask. I have used many of them myself. The fact is you need to wear one. Scrolling is a fun hobby but it's not worth risking your health. I am reviewing these masks because I want you to know there are masks out there that are not uncomfortable. Many of you have purchased cheap masks and just could not stand to keep them on for any period of time. That was my experience and excuse for years. if you choose the Dust Bee Gone or the Totobobo or even another mask just buy something and use it.

Order from the manufacturer in Singapore and use the discount code "Scrollsaw5"

Order from Paula Ann Ford her in the U.S. $24.95 + $3 shipping.

Additional note.
I heard from a few people that were more knowledgeable than me about safety and dust. They pointed out the fact that the Dust Bee Gone and the Totobobo filter dust at a very different level. The Dust Bee Gone filters to 3 microns. The Totobobo filters to 0.3 microns. The extremely small dust particles pose some of the greatest risks. You should take this into consideration when making a dust mask purchase. Another long time scroller said something very wise to me. She said "It does not matter how good a mask is if it's hanging on the wall". If the mask is not comfortable it will end up hanging on the wall and not around your neck. She uses the Dust Bee Gone because she feels comfortable with it on. It's ultimately up to you which one is best for your needs.