Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Toddler Shape Learning Toy.

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This is a pretty basic learning toy for toddlers. It teaches shape recognition and hand-eye coordination. 
I rounded over most o the points and the pieces are large enough to not be a choking hazard. 

One critical consideration is the choice of child-safe paint. Milk paint is a popular choice. In addition to being child-safe, Real Milk Paint adheres particularly well to wood. The paint has a lovely consistency and spreads easily over the project at hand, so you get a beautiful finish on everything from a handmade desk to a farm animal puzzle and all kinds of charming toys in between.(Google)

In this pattern, the shapes are cut separately from the holes. I did this to make the holes a little larger than the shapes. This makes it easier for the toddler to insert the pieces.

Speaking of wooden toys....... is a site that is simply incredible when it comes to toy patterns. John and Cynthia Lewman are the owners of this site and they are fantastic at what they do. This is not an ad. I just love what they do over there and want to share with you guys a great resource.

Here is another wonderful fact about these toy plans. They are royalty-free. They support toy makers who wish to sell finished toys. You can make and sell as many as you can.