Tuesday, May 8, 2018

World's Best Mother Scroll Saw Pattern.

This pattern book has a couple of Mother's Day word art patterns. 

Information: The Scrollsaw Workshop blog is huge. How do I find something I saw a long time ago?

There are very few days go by that I don't get asked by an email newsletter reader to resend a pattern or blog post. Please understand that I can't do that. The newsletter is just a copy of the daily blog post. The newsletter is formatted and sent to all newsletter subscribers automatically. There are over one million emails that go out every month so it has to be automated.

If you misplace a pattern it will always be available on the blog and in the free online catalog. Every blog post since May 1, 2007 is still on the blog. You can navigate back in time using the archive selector in the left column. 

The blog is designed to show the last two posts. At the end of the second post is a navigation bar. You can go back in time two posts at a time. This is handy if you are looking for something that was recently posted.

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Most of the time the reader is searching for a pattern from the past. The free online catalog has a search box that can help. All the patterns are in categories to help narrow the search.