Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Deer Scene Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Download the Pattern Below

This nature scene pattern comes in two sizes. The small pattern is 9.5" wide and the large pattern is 12" wide. I kept the detail low so it should be pretty easy to cut. I was playing with different ways to display the piece and I think I like the front layer painted black against the lighter background. It kind of reminds me of metal art.

Crazy Weather: 

Earlier today I was out back in a t-shirt and it was 70 degrees. I just looked over at my security camera and it's snowing and 33 degrees. It is not unheard of for use to have snow in April but it is not common either. I may have to turn the heat on tonight. :)

Check out these specials from Sue Mey:

Sue has ask me to pass along some fantastic specials. I can't list them all here but click the link above to see what she has to offer. I love the rustic slabs.