Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Optometrist Keeps Me Focused Scroll Saw Pattern.

We all have professionals in our lives that we count on to keep our health in tip-top shape. More than 61% of the population wears glasses or contact lens. It's fun to tell these professionals thank you with a gift. This eye chart should get a chuckle out of your optometrist at your next appointment.

In case you can't see the picture(pun intended), the chart says, "My optometrist keeps me focused". The glasses are on a wooden dowel standoff about 1.5" from the eye chart. The theme of the pattern was submitted by a reader named Conrad Holtz. Thanks, Conrad.

Pattern Suggestions?
I know this type of pattern will not get a lot of downloads but I like to make them. I do enough patterns that I can make these slightly oddball patterns without running everyone off. I'm happy to take suggestions for pattern ideas. Even though I call this a slightly oddball pattern there are still millions of people who take advantage of optometrists. A suggestion for a pattern that thanks your typewriter repair technician is probably not something I would do. 

Matt Hass DeWalt DW-788 Scroll Saw Repair Video:

My friend Matt Hass, over at Awesome Wood Things made a very helpful video on repairing the DeWalt DW788 scroll saw. Matt bought a used DeWalt scroll saw and decided to give it a complete overhaul including a paint job. Lucky for all of us he did a video journal of the steps he took.

The DeWalt DW-788 is probably the most popular scroll saw ever introduced. There are thousands of these machines in shops all over the country. Unfortunately, many of them are now starting to wear out and need service. If the machine is out of warranty and you are handy with tools you can repair most of the problems yourself.

One note to consider. The newer Type 2 DeWalt DW788 comes out of the factory with little to no lubrication on the bearings. These bearing are common failure points of this saw. Lubricating the bearings will extend their life. The question you have to answer is this. Do I disassemble the saw and lubricate the bearings before they fail or do I wait for them to fail and lubricate the new bearings when they are replaced? Good question and only you can decide which option is best for you. 

Matt made great use of editing to get this information-packed video down to under ten minutes. If you own a DeWalt DW788 then you absolutely need to bookmark this video. At some point you are going to need it. 

Thanks for the outstanding video Matt.

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