Friday, December 16, 2022

Train Wall Art Scroll Saw Pattern

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Today's pattern is a steam engine wall art for a child's room. All the parts are 1/4" thick and the pattern is a little over ten inches wide. 

Important Information:

I will stop taking Personalized Christmas ornament orders on Tuesday, December 20th. The order form will go offline and the patterns will be retired. If you need more please get them to me before that date.

I want to thank all of those who ordered this year. I don't have complete stats yet but I will have somewhere around 6,000 to 7,000 ornament patterns completed. That is almost the identical number as I did in 2021. I expected a drop off this year so I was pleasantly surprised.

I always like to keep track of the dog and cat names I get for the pet patterns. Last year Cooper was the most common name ordered for a dog. The most popular cat name last year was Luna. It was closer this year but I think Cooper was still the number one dog name ordered.  There was no obvious number one cat name this year but I did get a couple for cats with the name Covid. That one made me laugh and cringe. :)

2022 Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns are open for orders.

I am taking orders for this year's personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns. The price is the same as always. Five names minimum for $5. $1 for each additional name. 

The order form will accept up to twenty names. If you need more than twenty then start a new order form. PLEASE double-check the spelling of names. PLEASE, make sure that you select an ornament style for each name entered. After the order form is complete scroll to the bottom and hit the SUBMIT Button.

I will complete the order and email you the patterns as a PDF just like all the patterns in my catalog. You will not need to pay for the patterns until they are delivered. If you are pleased with the patterns there will be a payment l