Wednesday, October 11, 2017

$10,000 Jigsaw Puzzle Scroll Saw Pattern. Sue Mey has her new e-Magazine out. Check out the patterns.
I had an extra $10K bill in my wallet and I needed something to do. I said to myself. "Self, what better use could this $10,000 have than to be a jigsaw puzzle?"

If any of you would like to send me your $10,000 bill I will promise to make a puzzle and send it back. Honest I will. Please send that in small unmarked bills. No dye bombs or tracking devices are accepted. No return address required. 

Scroll Saw puzzles are always fun and easy to make on the scroll saw provided you have the right materials. This puzzle pattern is 9" wide and 4" tall. 

 Here is my technique for making Scroll Saw Jigsaw Puzzles.

I use Baltic Birch plywood because it is so stable. Cut two boards to the size of the picture. I like to use 1/8" thick BB for the template and 1/4" thick for the picture but that's not critical. Use what you have. 
 The picture needs a permanent bond to the board. The instructions on spray adhesive say to achieve a permanent bond you need to spray both surfaces and apply pressure while it dries. 
 Apply the template to the other board.
In this case I have using matte photo paper to print the picture so I want to give it some overcoat protection. I am using spray acrylic. Just a couple of light coats is all that is needed. 
IMPORTANT: If you don't let the acrylic cure before you put on the template they will stick them selves together and make it impossible to get the template off later in the procedure.