Thursday, March 21, 2019

Easter Egg Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

This small box is shaped like a Decorated Easter Egg. It is about 5.75 inches long. It is just big enough to add a small sample Easter candy for a nice gift. 

The center walls are cut from a single piece of 1-inch thick wood. I kept the wall intentionally thing, like an eggshell. When you drill the starter hole for the cut to separate the walls you will need a 1/16" drill bit. 

The starter hole won't be visible from outside the box but you still need to minimize it as much as possible. 

To add to the "egg" feel I rounded over the edges of the box top and bottom. 

When you cut these single block wall boxes it's best not to apply finish to the inside of the box. It will almost always make then difficult to open after the finish is added. It looks fine only finished on the outside. If it bothers you then just add an oil finish to the inside.

Lift & Click Product Review: Wonderland Woodcrafts.

Video Demonstration.

Hector from Wonderland Woodcrafts sent me his latest product to test. It is named the Magnetic Lift & Click. Here is some background.

The DeWalt DW788 scroll saw has always been plagued with a missing feature. The upper arm will not stay in the up position without assistance. This is a major pain when changing blades. Over the years we have used everything from wood block to commercial upgrades.

The Lift & Click is another in the line of aftermarket lifters for the DeWalt saw.