Friday, August 21, 2009

How to be a sheep herder.

At one time or another most woodworkers think about selling their work. Some are looking to make a little extra cash to buy supplies. Some dream of doing their craft full time. Either way there is a big learning curve to do it well.

Someone gave me a piece of advice one time. They said if you want to learn to be a sheep herder hang around other sheep herders. Well the same thing goes for selling crafts.

David the owner of Tuliptree Crafts started documenting his pursuit of making a full time business out of his scroll saw crafts. He started a Blog and began posting almost daily about his travels on the craft circuit. He started blogging sometime in 2006. He has built an incredible wealth of information for anyone willing to spend the time going through his archives.

If you want to sell crafts, hang around other crafters who sell crafts. David would be a good crafter to hang out with. Check out Scroll Saw Blog

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Heart Shaped Candy Dish Scroll Saw Pattern

To make this heart shaped candy dish you will need to tilt the table of your scroll saw to produce a bevel cut. The wood for the bowl in the picture is 1 1/4" thick and I used an angle of 1 1/2" degrees.

The angle will vary depending on the thickness of the wood you use. Practice the correct angle by test cutting quarter sized circles in scraps of the same stock. You want to be able to push the plug out about half way. To make the bowl deeper decrease the angle. To make it more shallow increase the angle.

There are patterns for two sized dishes. The big pattern will make a dish about 8" wide like the one in the picture above.