Saturday, May 13, 2017

Detail Sanding Pens, scroll saw pattern. A few words about Bear Woods.
The pattern book has both the large and small pens.

These small detail sanding pens are easy to make and very useful. The long pen is 5" long and the short pen is 3" long. They work well for sanding the fuzzes off interior fretwork and other hard to reach places. The tip of the pens can get into small areas but all the surfaces of the sand paper can be used for different areas. The pens are cut from 1/4" wood. 

These are so easy to cut that you can make a few and keep different grits of sand paper attached.

To cut the wedge from the short pen and the kerf from the long pen a #5 blade works best for most sand paper. If you use a thicker sand paper you may have to use a larger blade so the paper fits.


Information: A few words about bear woods.

Stephen Dinesen is the President and owner of Bear Woods Supply Company. He has had many roles in his career from entrepreneur, consultant, volunteer and business coach. 

As the owner of Bear Woods, Stephen has grown the business by serving the wood crafting community with quality supplies and great customer care.

I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Stephen for a while now and I can honestly say the experience has been great. When we started working together I told Stephen that I was looking for a partner who I could trust to take care of my readers. When I recommend a vendor to my readers I don't want to get negative feedback. That makes me look bad and kills the loyalty I have gained with my readers. In the time I have had Bear Woods as a sponsor I can tell you that I have received only two negative comments and Stephen immediately took steps to rectify the issues. I can't count the positive emails about Be