Sunday, November 5, 2017

Desktop Fidget Spinner Scroll Saw Pattern.
 I call this project a Desktop Fidget spinner. It's all about the motion so you will have to click on the video to see what it does. Fun, interesting and easy project.

Final Episode of the Highland Woodworker:

The Highland Woodworker Video series has been running for six years. Charles Brock has hosted the show and done a wonderful job. The show was sponsored by Highland Woodworking in Atlanta Georgia. In this video they announced the show is ending. That's a shame because it was one of the best on the internet.

In this show they look back at some of the memorial moments from past shows. If you have not seen this fine show I encourage you to watch this video then visit the playlist and watch the rest of them.

Thanks Charles and Highland Woodworking for doing an amazing job. The show will be missed.

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