Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cornucopia Door Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.

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A History of the Cornucopia. ... Derived from the Latin “cornu” meaning horn, and “copia” meaning plenty, the cornucopia has long been used as a common harvest symbol associated with a plentiful bounty. Historically, a real goat's horn, filled with fruits and grains, was depicted at the center of lavish tables of food

This Thanksgiving door ornament is 9.5" tall. I am showing the simulated image with a red painted backer board. The backer is optional but it will help protect the fretwork if used. It is also a nice way to add color to the project.

There is an optional cut line to remove the lower part of the pattern. It will eliminate the "Happy Thanksgiving" so you can use it as a non-holiday Fall decoration.

You could also use Inkscape to import the pattern and remove the "Thanks Giving" and add a family name.

$5 Nativity Set Scroll Saw Pattern: Download before you pay.

Visit my eStore to download the Nativity pattern. 

A couple years ago I published this layered Nativity set pattern. The pattern includes everything you see in the picture above. 

Here is the catch. It is priced at $5 but you only have to pay if you want to. You can download the pattern from my eStore without paying. If you think the pattern is worth the asking price then I appreciate the $5. Either way, you are welcome to the pattern.

Just visit my eStore at this link and scroll down until you see the image of the Nativity set. The download link is there along with a payment link. If you don't like paying online just email me and I will send my address back to you. You can pay with cash. check or chickens.

Here are a few of the pieces close up.

RIKON 51-200 12-Inch Disc Sander Review:

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I own this Rikon 12" disk sander. I purchased it about six years ago if memory serves me correct. Before I bought this dedicated disk sanger I owned a combination 6" belt/disk sander. It was an inexpensive machine and somewhat underpowered. The disk was also small at six inches. That was a problem.

Except for the scroll saw I probably use this tool more than any other tool in my shop.

This Rikon Disk sander is not cheap at $313 but it has been worth the price for me. The build quality is much better than the cheap combination sander that I had been using. This disk sander makes quick work of even difficult sanding operations with its 1/2HP motor. 

The tilting table is much more accurate than my combination sander. It is also made with better parts so you don't feel like it's going to break when it is being adjusted.

Dust collection is really important on a disk sander of this size. The sander has a dust port for a shop vac. It does a good job of keeping the dust under control. 

I have probably spent more money on sanding tools than any other category of a tool in my shop. Sanding is a chore. Sanding is also one of the most important steps in building most projects. I want the tools that make this step as quick and easy as possible. The Rikon 12" disk sander does just that. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns:

I am still making good progress on ornament patterns. I should be able to get caught up today. If you have orders in the queue, keep your eye on your email inbox.

The price is $1 per name with a 5 name minimum. I keep the price as low as possible
because I want everyone to have a chance to make these ornaments for family and friends.

You only pay after you have received the order and are 
100% satisfied with the patterns. Invoice included with
the pattern email. Pay by credit card(secure Paypal), check, or cash.

The patterns will be emailed to you after they are completed.
Please allow up to a week for delivery. 

You can use last names on the ornaments if you like but remember that the more letters the more
difficult they are to cut. Ten letters and up gets pretty small. If you need to you can enlarge the patterns by 10% to make the interior cuts larger. No special characters are supported. I can get a hyphen in there but it looks odd. It has to connect the two letters so it does not just fall out.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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Large Christmas Ornaments Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Hand for scale.

These Christmas ornaments are eight inches wide. Obviously, these ornaments are not for your Christmas tree. Unless you have a really big Christmas tree. I was thinking these might be used outdoors on your front porch or on an outdoor tree. 

I think there are several places indoors where they could decorate your house for the holiday season.

There are six ornaments. I cut the one above from 1/4" Baltic birch plywood. I gave the one I cut several coats of spray acrylic. It won't last forever outdoors but I will hang it out of the sun and under rain protection.

An exterior varnish will give you two or three years of weather protection. Painting the ornaments will also help them last longer outdoors.

The other five ornaments in this book.