Friday, November 9, 2018

3D Reindeer Winter Scene Scroll Saw Pattern.

Before I start getting emails, let me say that I know the rabbit is too big in this test cut. I reduced him for the final pattern. That was a good 45lb rabbit. 

This 3D reindeer winter scene is another fun holiday project that is easy to make. 


You may have never used beeswax with your scroll saw but it can come in very handy in the right situation. I always have a stick handy for those times I need it. What are those times? 

Heat is an enemy of scroll saw blades. The less heat you generate from friction while cutting the longer your blade will last. Some species of woods have a tendency to scorch on the edges if the blade generates too much heat. Cherry is a prime candidate for scorching. 

Most scrollers know that using tape either