Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ten Two Layer Snowflakes Scroll Saw Patterns.

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 Download the Pattern Below

These two-layer snowflakes are eight inches wide. They are two layers of 1/4" plywood. You may consider painting them white. You could also use Qleene's True Snow for added texture. It is not waterproof but it does say it is water-resistant. I have not tested it but it gets good reviews. You get three 4oz jars at the link below. That is not a lot. I think I would try white paint and use this for highlights. 

I also added the option to hang Merry Christmas Text from the snowflake to make it a door ornament. 

It is a big job but lots of fun:

Several people have asked that I do a shop tour video of my new shop. That would be hopeless at this point. It is still a mess.