Monday, October 4, 2021

Cuddling Cats Scroll Saw Pattern.

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 Download the Pattern Below

This is not my original design. The original graphic came from a free-to-use clipart gallery. I just like it so I made a scroll saw pattern from it. 

The one in the photo above was cut from BB plywood and I just painted one cat black before I glued the pieces to the backer board.

The pattern is just one piece so you cut it like a puzzle. The interior pieces are discarded. This makes the pieces fit back together well.

Another, and I think a better idea is to stack two different species of wood and cut the pattern from that stack. Mix and match the species to get the effect of two different colors of cats.

The pattern comes in 6" and 8" diameter. You could wall mount the art of display it on a plate stand.

The pattern is one piece.

Here are the individual pieces after they are cut.