Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sometimes simple is exceptional.

I received these pictures from Sherry Fulton a couple days ago. She cut these puzzles from pictures of her grandchildren. As soon as I saw these I asked her to get permission form the parents to share these with everyone.

The reason I like these puzzles so much is they are perfect for preschool children. They are fun and educational at the same time. Simple and exceptional.

If you look closely at the pictures you will see that these are tray type puzzles. This makes it easier for small children to put together. The picture is adhered to the ply the pieces are cut. Then the puzzle is glued to a backer board.

I like just having the letters but you could also add simple shapes to the cut outs.

For those of you that cut custom projects to sell I suggest you add this to your menu. I really believe mothers would have a difficult time saying no to these. This project has the advantage of being cheap and fast to produce. That equals more money in your pocket with less time at the saw. This is something that I try to explain to scrollers all the time. It's great that you can cut an advanced fretwork clock that takes over 100 hours to cut but just try to sell it for a reasonable profit. It's almost impossible. Real money makers are usually projects that have more appeal than just your skill at the saw.

Let's face it, women purchase 70 to 80 percent of crafts that are sold. They don't care that you have a $1500 state of the art scroll saw and use #2 reverse tooth blades. They don't care that you have to use a 5x magnifying glass to see the pattern lines. They will politely listen to all of this but if the project does not match their kitchen decor your not going to get the sale. This project has more value than the effort and skill required to make. That equals profit.

Thanks Sherry for allowing me to show your projects. These truly are wonderful. I know you are just getting started with the scroll saw but your eye for project appeal is great and that's way more important that your skill at the saw.

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