Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Christmas Angel Scroll Saw Pattern. Call to action!
10.5 inch tall Christmas Angel.

Scroll Saw Association of the World:

I want to take just a few words to talk about a very important subject to our community. The Association that has represented the art of scroll sawing needs some help. I want to ask those who have the means for your assistance.

SAW has helped the scrolling community for years to start local clubs. Many members of SAW have been the driving force to keep the hobby growing and moving forward.

In short they have been important to the hobby and we need to help drive that success forward. There is personal value in joining SAW and there is community value. The personal value is SAW's website is full of information and they are working right now under new leadership to add even more value to the site.  The community value is the leadership in bringing new people into the hobby and helping local groups get organized. Our hobby can be much more fun when shared with others. Having a local club to meet with others in your area is a great advantage. 

I will be bringing you more information soon about specific aspects of what SAW can do for us but right now I have a request.

Single person membership to SAW is $25 per year. You will receive full access to the website as well as the SAWDUST quarterly newsletter. There are many other perks and like I said there are more coming soon.

Please take a few minutes to visit SAW's Website and look around. If you have the means and would like to help SAW reorganize and grow under new leadership then please consider a membership. I have been in close contact with the new president of SAW(Misty Valestin) and I can assure you she is driven to make SAW something we can all be proud of. I truly believe your $25 will be a good investment in the present and future of the hobby. Thank you for the support. 



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