Saturday, November 16, 2019

Candle Sconce Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Every once in a while when I am sorting through scrap wood in my shop, I measure a few pieces and design a project that fits what I have. That is exactly what happened with this project. 

I did include two sizes for this pattern. The small version, shown above is cut from 1/2" thick wood and is 10" tall. It will hold a candle up to four inches in diameter. 

The large pattern is designed to use 3/4" thick wood. It is 15" tall and will hold a candle up to six inches in diameter. 

You can also use these sconces to hold other items like flowers. 

unattended use of candles can be dangerous. Please use caution or consider electric candles.

You can see in the photo above that I will sometime cut the wood down to the size of the patter. I do this so that I can cut as many of the straight sides as possible on the table saw. This is especially helpful for mating surfaces. If you don't have a table saw it is absolutely possible to cut this type of project on the scroll saw alone. Cut carefully and sand parts that don't fit well.

Highland Woodworker Video Series:

I have watched this YouTube show for years and this episode is one I wanted to share. Charles interviews George Wurtzel. George is an unsighted woodworker from Tennessee with outstanding skills. The show is entertaining and inspirational. 

If you don't subscribe to Highland Woodworking you should consider checking out the channel. It is a must-watch video for me.

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