Monday, August 6, 2018

Golf Scroll Saw Pattern.

Golf is one of those sports that I never got into. It's estimated that nearly 30,000,000 people play golf in the U.S. Around 20% of those golfers are women. Golf has an economic impact of over $84 Billion in the U.S. That's a whole bunch of little white balls.

Everything you wanted to know about Signature Coins:

Orders for my custom laser engraved signature coins have been fantastic. I have also received many questions so I put together a video with the answers. 

These inlaid signature coins tell the world that you are proud of your craftsmanship. After hours of work on that special project, you need to sign the piece. What better way to sign it than with wood. 

Some of your work will still be around for generations. Your great-grandchild will see the signature coin and know exactly who made the special gift for them.

One sheet has 12 coins for $12 plus $3.50 shipping. I can put two sheets in the padded envelope for a total of 24 coins. 24 of these coins plus shipping is $27.50. You have a lot invested in your project. Another $1.15 to add a special signature is worth every penny. 

Once your order is completed I will send you an email with a payment link. The orders ship first class mail with tracking. You can pay with credit card through PayPal or send a check to the address on the email invoice.

Watch the video so you know exactly what you will receive. I think you will be pleased.