Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scroller's Sign.

I get asked on occasion why I spend the time I do with this blog. Well for one thing I enjoy the hobby. But there is another reason that's hard to explain. The contact I have will people all over the world who I feel a connection to is an incredible rush. I get email all the time from people who appreciate the blog and that feels good. Every once in a while I get an email that makes me sit back in my chair and think about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be apart of some of your lives. The following email will make it easy for you to understand why I love what I do. It also shows how important the passion for a hobby can be in our lives.

To the young man who wrote me this email I want to say thank you. Be strong. Be proud of the work you do and never ever give up. I pray that your pain can someday be eased.

Hi Steve

Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance, it really is

I suffer from chronic pain due to 4 botched operations last year and
have to wear morphine patches and even then I am usually still in

I am only 31 and must say that the prospect of living with pain for
the rest of my life caused some serious depression that combined with
the pain made life bloody miserable, to the point I would dread
getting up each day.

However since I came across your blog and videos and enjoyed watching
them I went ahead and purchased a scroll saw armed with the confidence
and information your blog and videos had given me.

I now look forward to each day and am eager to get into the garrage
and do some projects and don't want to stop when it gets late (I do
though as I don't want to upset the neighbours)

I was so thrilled that you took the time to reply to my questions and
your response certainly did help me.

Everyone including my Doctor is saying how much more upbeat I am now
and my wife is so thrilled that I have found something I can do even
with the pain (infact the pain eases when I am woodworking as it
provides a distraction)

In the past I would not even be wanting to leave the house much as I
just did not feel up to it much but I have just come home from a
shopping trip for scroll saw related things... I had a big morning
looking for polymer clay but eventualy found some that has lots of
colours in stock... I am going to try to do some of the inlay keyrings
using the keychain maker program you have on your website. (I have
also used the keychain maker to print out words of the required size
to add to another pattern eg I am cutting a portrait of darth vaders
head and wanted to add the words "Deathstar Keys" to the patter to
make it into a wall key holder... so I used the keychain maker to make
the pattern of the words I was after)

I will be making a donation later tonight (afternoon as I write this)
of $5 and will be making a donation each fortnight of $5 for as long
as I can (sorry it is not much but I am on a pension due to the pain

I definatly am happy to make the donations each fortnight though as
you have taught me so much and changed me in ways you probably would
not have intended but changes to my life for the better none the less,
It is a shame we live in different countries as I would have loved the
oppertunity to thank you in person.

I am not a religious guy at all but I can say from the bottom of my
heart that you are an amazing guy to take the time to teach others
like myself the skills you have been gifted with and to take the time
to personally reply to me.

I am sorry I have rambled on a bit but I am not very good with my
communication at times.

Best Wishes & THANK YOU

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