Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Another Initial Font Scroll Saw Pattern.

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These Initials are about 6.5" tall. Every letter has a matching outline frame cut from one or more pieces.

What makes these initials interesting is the word cut in each letter. Every letter has a complimentary word that starts with that letter. A=Amazing, F=Fabulous etc...

This is a project that would be fine cut from an inexpensive material like MDF and painted. 

In the example in the picture above, the name Kellie would be approximately 35 inches long.

Invoices have been sent:

I have a few outstanding orders for my USB Catalog and Signature Coins. I send an email invoice after I receive the order. The orders are completed and shipped after the invoice is paid. Unfortunately, sometimes the invoice gets overlooked or goes to spam.

If you have an order in for either of these products please let me know if you need another invoice sent. Thanks for the orders.