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Basket for Valentines Day Scroll Saw Pattern.

Sorry for all the text in this post. I had quite a bit of information to get out today. You can scan the text to see if any of it applies to you. Most of it won't.
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It has been a while since I have designed one of these scroll saw baskets. This pattern comes in two sizes. One uses 1/4" thick wood and the other larger basket uses 1/2" thick wood.

The mini-basket is only 5.5" long. The larger basket is 9" long. I have found that the mini-baskets are often more well-received than the larger ones. I think the uniqueness of the small size makes it stand out. The small basket is large enough for hard candy or just as an art piece. 

We have many new scrollers after Christmas and I think this is a great project to shoot for after just a few practice pieces. Just beware that when you show one of these to someone you will probably be making more. They will often ask how they are made because they look complex but are actually quite simple.


If you have not seen one of these scroll saw baskets, the photo below shows how they are made. A stack of rings is glued together forming the weave. The first group of three rings is slightly different than the second group of rings. You alternate one ring from each stack until you get them all glued up.

Scrollsaw Workshop DVD and USB Catalog:

Order taking for the 2007-2020 Scrollsaw Workshop Catalog began yesterday. Orders were strong. Thank you.

If you are new let me explain what the Scrollsaw Workshop Catalog is.

You do not need to buy a DVD or USB drive to have access to the files. These files are all available for free in my online catalog

The DVD and USB drive are for those people who wish to have all the files stored locally on their computer. Many clubs keep a copy for their members. There have even been a few donated to libraries and maker clubs. I am fine with that as long as they are donated and not sold.

The USB and DVD catalog comes with a thumbnail PDF. That makes it very easy to look through all the patterns quickly. That is a big advantage over the online version.

Finally, I often hear that people are concerned that my blog will one day go away. If that happens there is the possibility that the patterns will also go away. They want a backup just in case. I can't predict tomorrow but I am working on plans to keep the patterns available in case of my demise. Unfortunately, that is more complicated than it sounds. It is difficult to control things when you are dead. :)

Each year in January I add all the patterns from the previous year to the catalog. This year I added all 342 patterns that were posted in 2020. The catalog now contains over 3,300 PDFs, many with multiple patterns. That makes each pattern cost around .005 cents per pattern. 

Shipping around the World:

Let me explain the difference in shipping for the DVD and USB versions. I get a lot of questions about why the USB version only ships in the US. 

The DVD version is produced and distributed by a contractor I use. They take to orders, manufacturer and ship the DVD. I do not have to do anything for that version. They ship to about 60 countries.

My contractor does not produce the USB version. I do that from start to finish by myself. Copying over 6,000 files to a USB drive is very time-intensive. I use an automated system with special software. I can do ten at a time. That takes about1.5 hours. Then I apply the labels, print the shipping label, and put it in the envelope. It adds up to about 30 minutes per USB drive all in.

If I took international orders for the USB version, I could never keep up. I limit it to the US simply so I don't get backlogged with orders. I have been hounding my contractor to start manufacturing the USB version. At first, they said they would but now they are undecided. DVD drives are becoming more and more uncommon so I think they will eventually have to make the change. My fingers are crossed.

Another option I am working on is a digital download of the entire catalog. There are obstacles to overcome because of the large size of the file. It is too large to be downloaded from my server. My host would kick me to the curb if 50 people started downloading a 3gig file all at once. 

Click to buy the USB version

Click to buy the DVD version.

Community Forum and Catalog Down Time: Geek Alert.

Just a quick explanation of the downtime of the Community Forum and Catalog in the last 48 hours. For those geeks out there, you will know my struggles. I updated the PHP version on my server from 5.3 to 7.4. My host no longer supported PHP below 7.3.

You guessed it. The update broke both the Catalog and the Community forum. My son in law, who is a world-class programmer, fixed the catalog for me. He wrote the catalog and has a strong PHP background so I really needed his help. Thanks, Shane.

Then I went to work on the Community forum. I upgraded the forum software from 5.0.7 to 5.0.17. That version works with PHP 7.4 so that fixed the problem with just a few tweaks. I was concerned that I would lose all the forum data so I had to back it up before I started. It's only 350 MB but using FTP it was kind of slow. 

Sorry for the downtime. I am still monitoring both for unexpected issues. If you have a problem, feel free to report it to me via email.

Why have I not completed the review of the Delta 40-694 scroll saw?  

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In October of last year, I brought the Delta 40-694 scroll saw into my shop with the intention of doing a video review. I announced that I was working on the review and have never completed it. I get emails almost every week asking why?

Availability. I am not sure why but the Delta has been in low supply for a while. It comes available then goes on backorder a few days later. I don't want to do a review when the saw is not easily available. Today I saw that it is available again after a few weeks of being out of stock. 

As soon as I feel comfortable that it will remain available I will complete the video.

My suspicion is that it has to do with the current pandemic and parts availability but that is a guess. 

If anyone has any inside information I would love to hear from you. 

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