Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Large Dice Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Download the Pattern Below

This pattern comes in two sizes. The small dice are 3" square and cut from 1/8" wood. The large dice are 6" square and cut from 1/4" wood. I stack cut two at a time. I also cut the pips with the scroll saw but if you drill them with Forstner bits the projects can be finished quickly. The small pips are 1/2" in diameter and the large pips are 1" in diameter.

You can play a game in the family room with these dice or hang them from your rearview mirror. :)
Cut five dice for a fun game of Yahtzee. Buy Yahtzee score sheets

Here are the rules for a two-dice game I call "Greed".

1. Each player takes turns rolling two dice. 
2. After each roll the total of the two dice is added to any previous rolls in that round.
3. The player can roll as many times as they choose.
4. If the player rolls a 1 on either dice they lose all the points from that round of rolls and the next               player takes their turn.
5. The player can pass the dice to the next player and keep their total if no 1's are rolled.
6. Don't get greedy.
7. After each player has taken ten rounds the total of all rounds are added, The high score wins.

DIY Scroll Saw Stand plans from Steve Carmichael Workshop.