Sunday, March 25, 2018

Easter Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.

This decorative Easter cross is a little over ten inches tall. 

Scroll Saw Blade Comments:

I did a write-up a couple days ago about choosing scroll saw blades. I expected to receive several comments and I did. There was a lot of great feedback and I thought I would share one in particular from John. Several valuable thoughts in his write-up.

I read with interest your discussion about blade choice today. This subject is always at the top of the list with new members and new Scrollers at a Carolina Scrollers club meeting.

I personally, when starting as a new scroller, bought many different blade types only to have the majority gather dust once I understood my preferences.

Like most new scrollers, we were/are self-learners. I believe most Scrollers gravitate to their favorite type designs they like to scroll and some choose a multitude of designs. For me, I love to scroll detailed Fretwork. My favorites are clocks, especially those designed by Pedro of Spain. For relaxation, I like making numerous type bowls. And thirdly, Christmas ornaments because of our club’s focus program of selling and donating 100% of sales to the North Carolina Second Harvest Food Bank.

I have two saws; Dewalt and Excalibur. I tend to defer to the Excalibur because I can “neutralize” the aggressiveness of the blade easier as this is important to me when doing detailed Fretwork. 

I say all of the above to make the following points and observations:
Blade choices are individual and charts that are available should be considered as guidance and not “gospel”.
Although most saws operate fundamentally the same, there are differences that can affect blade choices.
Obviously, blade manufacturers say