Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fist Bump Scroll Saw Pattern.
This fist bump pattern is one of the few that I have designed to be painted. I am normally not a fan of paint because I like wood. This graphic just calls for paint.

It's funny how a trend that comes out of sports or urban culture can be taken up through all of our culture. I have seen more and more people forgoing the hand shake and fist bumping. Even medical professionals recommend the fist bump to decrease the spread of germs common with the hand shake. Not a bad deal. You get to look cool and have less colds. :)

Information: Seyco ST-21 Scroll Saw a few month later.

I am still receiving email asking about the Seyco ST-21 scroll saw I reviewed back in April 2017. So far there have been no surprises or disappointments. I have used the machine exclusively since I installed it. 

I have heard and experienced one small issue. The air hose fitting was a little lose where it connected to the machine. The hose would sometimes move from the machine vibration. I was able to find a spot where it stays in place but I have hear that Seyco has a permanent fix available.  I have not ask them for the fix but I'll probably discuss it with them at the trade show in a couple of weeks form now.

I have really come to appreciate the large table. The magnetic table cover is another feature that I like. It stays smooth without any maintenance. I want the wood to move easily over the table. On most