Saturday, August 17, 2019

Switch Plate Toppers Scroll Saw Pattern. Patty's surgery went fine. Thank you all.

27 Switch Plate Topper designs. No glue or tape install.  These switch toppers can add a little design element to those plain switch and wall plug plates. The designs are a bit random because I was just playing with the idea. If they are a popular download I'll do some more themed patterns later.

These are cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood. 1/8" thick BB ply can be difficult to cut accurately. It is often easier to stack cut two or more. 

To install the switch topper without glue or tape we will use thin cardboard on the back of the topper. 

All you have to do is loosen the switch plate and slide the topper behind the edge. Tighten the screws and you are finished.

Thank you for your kind well wishes, thoughts, and prayers:

I received hundreds of emails of support for my wife while she recovers from surgery. The surgery went fine in no small part because of your prayers. Patty was touched by all the support. She says thank you. 

The device was implanted but it will take a few weeks before we get it programmed completely. They have to wait for th