Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lantern Scroll Saw Pattern.

This lantern is cut from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. You can use an electric craft light kit or a simple battery powered tea light. The tea light works surprisingly well for such a small light. The picture below is lit with the tea light.

In included several different designs for the fretwork.

The tea light is a friction fit for easy removal. 

You can buy the craft lighting kits at most craft stores or Amazon

Bear Woods Sponsored Giveaway:

The 1st Winner will receive a $100 Bear Woods gift certificate.
The 2nd winner will receive a completed Charles Dearing artwork.

Bear Woods is celebrating giving during the month of November. Each day in November Bear Woods will feature a different charitable woodworker/crafter. Bear Woods will donate $50 to that woodworker so they can continue their charitable work. 

When you enter the contest you will be asked to visit the Bear Woods Gives page that celebrates these charitable woodworkers and features their story.

The giveaway ends the last day of November. You can enter every day. The winners will be chosen randomly by the contest organizer.