Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Small Clay Pot Hanger Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

I have for you today, another spring pattern. This small clay pot holder uses two of the 3 1/8" clay pots. I wanted to test the design with other sizes of pots but I only had these small ones available. I would have normally run out to the store and purchased a few pots. I work in the middle of the night and all the stores I shop at are closed at night now. I may actually have to see daylight again one of these days. :)

If you want to test other sizes of pots, make a test cut of the notch and take it with you to the store. 
I included a template for the notch separately in the pattern. Very small modifications should allow
most pots to fit. You can also use the template to make the hanger as long as you like with more pots.

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