Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vince Lombardi Helmet Scroll Saw Pattern.


- Here is an email I received from Gary Parks. I thought others might like to see what he came up with.  


 I wanted to share my idea for a work light for my D788. The OEM light that came with my saw doesn't stay in place, has an irritating glare and produces heat. 

 My idea was to incorporate LED technology for a white light, no glare and no additional heat. I picked up two desk task lights at a garage sale for 25 cents each. I removed the wiring and the light fixture. After straightening the mounting flange, I made a holder to mount a LED flashlight I got from Harbor Freight for free with a coupon and purchase. These are readily available as freebies from advertising or in multiple packages. 

The holder was made to size from hardwood scraps and the flashlight is secured with a copper pipe strap. Copper is easy to bend to fit. Bend the circle a little small to grip the light then screw in place. 

I had to take a spring off the frame of the light to accurately position the LED light due to the reduced weight of the light socket being removed. I attached the other end to my workbench so I can swivel to my drill press. 

It works great and cost me nothing to make. More money for wood!
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