Sunday, April 1, 2018

Small Vanity Mirror Scroll Saw Pattern. Happy Easter.

To all of you who celebrate the day, I want to wish you a Happy Easter. Please be safe on your trips. 

Small vanity/desk mirror. The mirror stands ~ 8.5" tall.  

This project is easy to cut and difficult to assemble.  It requires a sheet of acrylic mirror. You can purchase it at this link. Acrylic Mirror Link

There are two reasons that the assembly of this project would be considered intermediate. 

1. This project looks bad if the edges are not rounded over. You need a router(table) with a small round over bit to get the best results. It's also not easy to round over the small stand piece. If you are not proficient with a router table then this is a dangerous procedure and I suggest you use good old fashion sandpaper and elbow grease. It will take a while but it looks nice when finished so it's worth the time.

2. Drilling the holes freehand for the tilt pins can be tricky. They need to be drilled straight or the mirror frame will sit in the stand crooked. I freehanded the holes after the stand was cut but it's better to drill the holes with a drill press while the board is still square. 

I used Baltic birch plywood as a carrier to cut the acrylic mirror. 

Cutting the frame is a two-step procedure. Stack cut the exterior of the front and back of the frame. 

Remove the back of the frame from the stack and cut the interior opening.