Friday, December 23, 2022

Segmented Nativity Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This is the last post until after Christmas. I will see you again on either Monday or Tuesday. Have a Merry Christmas.

I wanted to give you one last Christmas pattern for the year. It is a painted segmentation of the Nativity. I did not get all the figures completed so the photo above is incomplete. The rest of the figures are in the parts images below. The above could be a finished project if you wanted a small scene.

These are small patterns for segmentation so you will probably need a zero clearance for the hole in your table. A business card and some blue painter's tape work well. 

Each piece has a segmentation pattern and a backer board pattern. Cut the segmentation and the backer board. Contour sand the edges of the segmentation. Paint the segmentation pieces. Glue the segmentation pieces to the backer board and place them on the stand. 

Segmentation Figures
Backer Boards and Bases.
Backer Boards and Bases.