Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Easter Bunny Photo Frame Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This is what I call a scrap wood project. I had a few small pieces of Baltic birch plywood in the scrap bin. They were only about 6" X 6" so I designed a small project to fit the wood. You can cut this project is half an hour. There are only three interior cuts. 

Because this is such a quick project you can cut several of these for the grandchildren. There may even be time to get them in the mail before Easter.

Use your color printer to print out an image small enough to fit in the egg shape. The egg is 3.25" tall and 2.5" wide. Cut the egg from the wood and use it as a template to cut out your photo.

If you want to get fancier then use a Xacto knife to cut the photo without the background.

The egg site in a slot in the base. Make the slot and tab a little tight and the photo can be exchanged for a different egg with a different photo.

You can also add any graphic to the egg that you like. The bunny with flowers below is an example.

I wear a shop apron while I am in my workshop:

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A workshop can be a messy place. Sawdust, stains, glues, and paint can all ruin your clothes. I don't wear my Sunday go to church clothes in the shop but I still don't want to cover my jeans a T's in stains.

I wear an apron to help keep my clothes protected. I know that not everyone likes to wear an apron b