Monday, July 6, 2020

Dog Leash Hanger Scroll Saw Pattern.

Scroll Saw Pattern Below but first....

Today is my wife's birthday. Patty and I have been together since I was a sophomore in high school. That was 1975. Today she turns 39. Don't do the math. I did that once and it turned out bad.

The first gift I gave her back in 75 was a Radio Shack, radio Racoon. She still has the gift. I think things are going okay. We have been locked down alone together for three months and I'm still alive. This lockdown is a big test. If both husband and wife survive with only minor injuries then they have found true love.

Happy Birthday, Patty. Thanks for letting me play in the workshop.

And now we return to our standard broadcasting schedule.

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Our family dog's name is Holly. When we mention that it's time to go to the park for a walk, she will just about run over you to get to the door. 

I thought it was time to design another leash holder. This one is nine inches tall and six inches wide. The leash hangs for the dog's tail. The bone reminds you that she needs a walk when you walk past. It's not like Holly won't remind me but just in case.

The parts are all 1/2" thick. The bone gives you about 3.5 inches of space that you could add your dog's name to customize the project. seven letters will fit pretty well. Longer names will get tough to cut. You could also eliminate the bone and just cut the dog's name in the backer board near the bottom. 

New beautiful Web Page for Sheila Landry Designs.

Guys, Keith and Sheila have not been resting through this crazy time. They have been hard at work redesigning their web page to make your visits even more pleasing. The new site is super easy to navigate. 

All the patterns are in categories listed on the left of the screen. The thumbnail pictures of the patterns are large and easy to see.

Don't forget to look at the specials and free patterns from the top menu.

The site is fast because it is not cluttered.

They make it easy to choose the type of pattern you want to receive. You can select a download, mail, and even an SVG file for the laser cutters.

The shopping cart uses secure encryption to give you the confidence of a safe transaction. No one can see your information because it is encrypted. The encryption key is either 128 or 256 digits. A 256 digit key is very secure. Get ready for this. A single high-performance PC using a brute force attack would need 27,337,893,038,​406,611,​194,430,009,​974,922,940,​323,611,067,​429,756,962,​487,493,203 years to go through all the keys. You can divide that number by two because on average it would make a correct guess within half the numbers. That number divided by two is still a really big number. Winning the Power Ball lottery looks simple compared to this. Online transactions today are more secure than ever.

Sheila Landry Designs is one of the best resources of scroll saw patterns on the web. If you need a nice project for a gift or just want something fun to cut this week then visit the new web page. You will be glad you did. Make sure you set a bookmark.

After you look around for a while hit the Contact Us link and tell Keith what a great job he did. Don't go crazy and give him a big head. Sheila still has to put up with him. Just let him know you liked it. :)

This is not a paid ad. Everything I said came from my head. My poor grammar and misspellings are free of charge. They are often good for a laugh.

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