Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Scroll Saw Pattern.

This Pumpkin Halloween pattern is 14 inches long. You can cut it from any 3/4" material and paint it orange for a Halloween decoration.

Beginner tip:

Squaring the scroll saw blade to the table is important for accurate cutting. One common questions I receive from new scrollers is "Why does the piece I just cut get stuck when I try to remove it from the board?". One reason could be that the table is not square to the blade. When the blade is at an angle you are cutting a wedge shape and the piece will only come out in one direction.

Here are three ways to square the table to the blade.

In the picture above I am using a small machinist square to check that the blade is 90 degrees to the table. Here is an Amazon link to a 2" square.
In this picture, I am using a small clear protractor to check 90 degrees. The protractor has the added advantage of allowing you to set any angle for bevel cuts. Here is an Amazon link to a set of 20 of these small protractors. I can't find a link to a single unit. You can find these at most office supply stores. You just have to look for one small enough to fit under the arm of the saw.
Here is an effective, free way to check 90 degrees. Use a relatively thick board(3/4") and make a small cut on the edge. Cut about 1/8" into the board. 
Rotate the board to the back of the blade and line up the cut you just made. If the blade slides into the cut then the blade is 90 degrees to the table. If it does not line up then adjust the table slightly and retry until it lines up. 

There is a second reason that the piece will not remove easily from the board. If the blade bows, while you are cutting the edge of the piece, it will be warped. This can make removing the piece from the board difficult. This is common when cutting thick wood. 

This bowing of the blade is caused by two factors. The blade tension is not high enough or you are pushing against the side of the blade while you are cutting.

Many new scrollers under tension scroll saw blades. If you are having trouble following the pattern line or removing the piece from the board then try a little higher tension.

Another common problem that new scrollers have is not letting the blade do the work. If you try to force the board through the blade you can cause the blade to bow. This will result in the edge of the cut being uneven. Relax your grip and let the blade do the work. Do not apply side pressure against the blade. You want to push the board into the teeth of the blade. 

Every few seconds slightly release your grip and allow the blade to go back to straight. This is a feel type of technique that just has to be practiced. 

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