Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More from the SAW EXPO 2010.

The folks from SAW were there in force to welcome everyone to the EXPO.

The Scrollsaw Association of the World (SAW) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of scrollsawing. It is made up of individual members, local chapters, and a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors. Scrollsawing is defined here as any woodworking that is produced with the use of a scroll saw.

Their fundamental purpose is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in the art of scrollsawing. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in scrollsawing. They have attained Not-For-Profit status from the Federal government of the United States of America to further these goals.

Your paid membership in the Scrollsaw Association of the World includes a subscription to Their newsletter, SAW Dust, a copy of their Resource Directory, and all specialty publications. Memberships run for a 12 month period beginning with the date that membership is received at the Home Office.

If you are interested in a membership you can find the SAW web page HERE

This was a special moment for me at the EXPO. I have respected the work of Judy Gale Roberts for years. I remember seeing her work for the first time in the 1988 edition of Wood magazine. I had never seen intarsia before. I don't think many other woodworkers had either. Getting to talk with Judy was such a pleasure. I also remember the 2001 issue of Scrollsaw Workshop Magazine that featured Judy on the cover showing her "Indian on Horseback" work. It was incredible and I think responsible for many of the intarsia artist today. Without Judy, intarsia might very well be an art lost to history.

This is a picture of the PS Wood Machine booth. Barbara travels all over the country showing what they have to offer. She is a great champion for the scrolling community and a very nice person to speak with. Check out their web site HERE. Also check out their video page that show much of what they have to offer.

This intarsia project by Kathy Wise was one of those jaw droppers at the show that just made you stop in your tracks and drool. Kathy has been featured in many magazines and has won awards for her beautiful pieces of art. Kathy has a new book out now. "Intarsia for beginners". Make sure you check out her web page HERE.

Bushton Manufacturing was there and showing off their line of HAWK scroll saws. In the picture above they have the saw mounted to their wheelchair accessible scroll saw stand. Scrolling is a perfect hands on hobby for those with many different disabilities. It's nice to see companies that recognize the needs of all their customers. Check out their web site HERE.

Seyco was their with their line of Excalibur scroll saws. Ray Seymore is the President of Seyco. Ray has a reputation of having the best customer service in the industry. I only had a few moments to say hello to Ray but it was obvious from watching him with show attendees he was every bit the gentleman I have always heard about. Check out Seyco HERE.

I think Ocooch Hardwoods had the busiest booth at the EXPO. I saw a lot of wood being carried out to waiting cars in the parking lot. Ocooch Hardwoods was started in 1994 by Floyd and Carol Hacker. This is another small business that has one of those reputations for quality service and good products. Ocooch sells scroll saw ready wood. For those of you without the tools to dimension lumber to the thickness you need for your scroll saw projects give Floyd and Carol a call. Their prices are very good and don't forget how important their reputation for quality service is. You can find Ocooch Hardwoods HERE.

I purchased some Walnut and Western Red Cedar while I was there. I have had a hard time getting nice walnut lately and theirs was very nice.

This was and cool looking set of chess pieces. All compound cut hand tools. Sorry I can't give credit for many of the pieces I took pictures of. I was running my mouth so much I just did not take enough notes.

Another nice looking project at the EXPO.

In this last picture I am taking some video of Jim Stiek getting ready to do a little cutting in the scroll saw coral. I have only personally met Jim and his wife twice but they are the kind of people who make being involved in any hobby such a pleasure. When you meet them they make you feel like you have known them for years. I could have set and talked with them all day. Wonderful people and great ambassadors to the art of scrolling.

Thinking about meeting all the wonderful people at the EXPO reminds me of something I think is important. Many hobbies tend to be solitary endeavors that can keep us to our selves for long relaxing hours. Nothing wrong with that but you really understand how much more rewarding a hobby can be when you get together with other folks who share your passions.

If you have a chance to attend a scroll saw picnic or EXPO do yourself a favor and make the trip. Don't go with expectations of a large event. Our hobby is a niche and the money is just not there for big shows. What makes the trip worth the effort is the people. Leave your shyness at home and start up conversations with the vendors and people walking the floor. Your going to meet some of the best friends you could ever want. You will also meet a few characters you won't soon forget but that's what make the world go round.

This is the end of the daily posts. Keep scrolling for lot's more scrolls saw fun!

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