Tuesday, November 13, 2018

3D Candle Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.

Here is a simple 3D Christmas ornament with an optional display stand.  The ornament is cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood and the display stand is 1/4" thick BB ply.

Remember that stack cutting 1/8" thick plywood makes it much easier to control the cut. It also lets you increase your productivity by cutting more than one at a time.
You may notice that I used two jump rings to attach the ornament to the display stand. I think this looks better than string. You can get the jump rings at any craft store that sell jewelry supplies. 

A runner band makes a nice gentle clamp while the glue dries. 


Answering email is one of my favorite things about writing this blog. I get to speak with people all over the world who are passionate about our hobby. Some are new to the scroll saw and some have years of experience. I learn a great deal from all of you. 

One of my favorite emails is when someone sends me a picture of their shop or a project they are working on. Occasionally I will get pictures of the city they live in. Those are really special.

I hear from people from dozens of countries. Luckily I have Google translate so most of the time the communication goes pretty well. I am also lucky that so many people in other countries speak/write some English. That helps a lot. Sometimes their English is better than mine. :)

Unfortunately, this is the time of year that I get so many emails that I just can't get to all of them. I have 616 emails in my inbox right now. If I spend on average four minutes per email that is over 40 hours of replies. You could realistically double that time. I clean out my inbox at the end of the month so you can see how fast I get backed up.