Saturday, February 13, 2021

Infinity Box Display for Scroll Saw Projects.

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This LED Infinity Display Box is a real conversation starter. If you have not seen an infinity box before make sure you watch the video above. 

You can use any scroll saw project you like as long as it fits inside the box. I included the pattern for the ship. I think it looks pretty good in the box. I found that it is best to paint the project white for the best visibility. You can try other colors. Black did not work well at all. 

The pattern is pretty basic. I did not include too many instructions for the box build. You can build the box without a table saw but the table saw makes the groove and rabbit easier to make. If you have basic woodworking skills you can make this project.

This was just a quick prototype. I will eventually go back and paint the box black. Right now the back of the box is the back of the mirror. I will cut a thin wood backing to cover the back of the mirror. This will help prevent the back of the mirror from getting scratched.

This project does cost a few dollars to build but being able to display a scroll saw cut in such a unique way made it worth the price to me.