Thursday, February 6, 2020

Caution, Dog Hair Ahead Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below.

Cute and maybe a bit helpful for your not so dog-loving friends. 

I have been a little under the weather lately. This has caused me to be more backed up on answering emails than normal. I finally got a good night and most of the day of sleep. :) so I'm feeling better. I will work on email later today. I appreciate the patience. 

A fun scroll saw technique video from Karl Taylor:

Watch the Video

I have known Karl for several years. He has been making content for the scroll saw longer than I have and that's a long time. In this video, Karl shows a technique that has all kinds of possibilities. You could use the same design and come up with many variations. 

There is an unlimited amount of resource material so you will never run out of projects. In the right setting, I think these would be good craft show sellers. 

Thanks, Karl for making the video and sharing it with us.