Thursday, March 25, 2021

Mama Gnome to Complete the Set Scroll Saw Pattern.

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 Download the Pattern Below

The Mama gnome can be added to the two guy gnomes I published several days ago to make a set. 
Like the original gnome pattern, she comes in two sizes. 

I try not to work on the same subject for patterns too often but when I get dozes of emails about a pattern it seems worth the effort. I'll complete the set with this pattern.

I also updated the original gnome pattern to include the Mama gnome. You can re-download that pattern if you wish to have them together. 

Warning: If you try to download the old gnome pattern and it does not include the Mama then you are getting your web browser's cashed file. Web browsers keep downloads in a cache so they are faster if you try to get them again. Either clear your cache, use a different web browser, or download the new Mama only file.