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Old School 3" and 2" Letter Stencils for names Scroll Saw Patterns.

Download Below
The pattern includes 2" and 3" stencils for computerless patterns.

 Spaced Letters
Kerned Letters
Individual Letters

If you don't like to use a computer to make scroll saw name patterns then this project might be for you.

One of the most popular projects you can make on the scroll saw is a cutout name. There are three styles you can use to cut the names. 1. Spaced letters with base. 2. Kerned letters without a base. 3 Individual letters. You can make all three styles with these letter templates. Instructions included in the pattern.

The problem that many folks have is not liking to use a computer to make the pattern. Spend just a few minutes cutting these templates and you will always be ready to cut a name for someone. These are great to make names on location at craft shows. Just cut several boards and head to the show. Don't forget a few pencils.

I cut the large set in under an hour. Once they are cut you can use them for years. Amazon link for 1/8"(3mm) MDF sheets.  Disclaimer: Affiliate link.

Notice that I marked the letters in the tray so I can find them quickly. You want these organized, especially if you take them to a show or exhibition.

I like the 1/8"(3mm) thick MDF because it cuts so well and leaves a tear-out free cut. Just don't get them wet and they will last for years.

If your store does not carry 1/8" MDF(most don't) you can buy it from Amazon You get a six-pack of 12" X 24" sheets for $25. This stuff comes in handy for all kinds of projects so I always keep some on hand.

Amazon link for 3mm MDF Sheets

More information on the WEN Scroll Saw:

Back in December of last year, I did a video review of the WEN 3921 scroll saw. The question I tried to answer is if it was the best $100 scroll saw. For that kind of money, it obviously had some compromises. One compromise was the ease of releasing the blade to move to the next interior cut. That is one of the more important features of a scroll saw. We move the blade from hole to hole often so it needs to be easy.

If you watch my video review(below) you will see the issue with the blade change system on the WEN. It is actually a common issue on all entry-level saws.

There is good news by way of Stockroom Supply out of Canada. They have manufactured a kit that solves much of the problem. It makes the blade change up to 300% faster. They sent me a kit and I wanted you all to see it. It works on the WEN, Rikon, Record Power, Central Machinery, and other scroll saws. I have not installed the kit yet because I gave away the WEN scroll saw. I will barrow it back soon and show the install. I will say that the kit quality is good and I do think it works as advertised(see Stockroom video below).

Not an affiliate link.

If you purchased the WEN 3920 or 3921 then you should check out the videos below. Owners of the other saws mentioned might want to take a look also.

by Stockroom Supply

Even more news on the WEN Scroll Saw. Now a WEN 3922.

 Amazon Link to the WEN 3922 Scroll Saw
Affiliate Link

After I did the video review of the WEN 3921 and pointed out some other issues as well as the blade change they upgraded the saw. This upgrade fixes some of the issues I pointed out. 

I now have the upgraded WEN 3922 in my shop for review. I will get the review completed as soon as possible and get it to you so you can see what it has to offer.

They revised the blade clamp for tool-free blade changes. They included thumbscrews. Yes.

This is a big one. The side door now opens. I had to remove the side panel on the 3921 because it was terribly in the way for changing the bottom blade clamp.

This is very important:

The WEN scroll saws are entry-level scroll saws. They are not of the same quality as saws that are designed for heavy use. I am not recommending that you buy one of these saws. I am also not telling you to not buy one. If you understand what you are getting then you can make an informed decision on this purchase.

The truth is that most scroll saw users started out with an entry-level saw. I did and I loved it. If you are not sure if you will enjoy the hobby it is difficult to spend $800 for a high end saw. 

If you put the WEN to heavy use you will wear it out. For the $100 price tag, you will not be sending it in for repair after warranty. It is self-repair or disposable.  

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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