Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Sphere Puzzle Scroll Saw Pattern.

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I admit to being kind of simple-minded but this pattern challenged my brain. A reader showed me a photo of this puzzle assembled and ask if I could make a pattern for one. I said, "It looks simple, sure no problem". It was a problem. :) I drew the pattern half a dozen times and put it in a 3D program to see if the pieces would fit. My mind just could not think in 3D. Finally, I got it to work.

It may not be the most challenging puzzle you will ever assemble but it does give a few seconds or minutes of thought. At least it did for me. It also looks cool in my opinion. That's important. :)

The parts are cut from 1/2" thick maple. When you get the pieces cut out you want to make sure they slide together easily. I cut them a bit tight and sanded them until they went together without having to force them.

Scroll Saw Dust