Sunday, May 31, 2020

Large Flower Pot Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

This is a larger stand. It is 10" tall and 7.5" wide. There are two patterns. The first pattern is for 1/2" thick wood and the second pattern is for 3/4" thick wood. You can use almost any material to make this stand. If you want the beauty of a hardwood that works well. If you plan to paint the stand then use less expensive material. If you will only use the stand indoors you could even use MDF and paint. 

This stand will hold a pot with up to a 5" diameter foot.

The pattern has no interior cuts. There is a bit of a challenge to get the top round. If you have trouble with cutting curves don't forget that the disk sander is your, friendly correction maker. 

The pieces are all joined with slots. You want to carefully cut the slots for a good fit. It is best to undercut the slots than to overcut them and get a poor fit.

Stencil fonts and where to get them:

When we cut text into a board with the scroll saw we normally want to use stencil fonts. The two fonts in the picture above are the same font only one has been turned into a stencil font. If you look at the O's in my last name you will see the difference. 

If we cut the bottom font the center of the O will wall out. The prevent that problem we need bridges to hold the center of the O in place. You can see those bridges in the top font. 

When you wish to add a name to a project you will want to install stencil fonts on the computer. You can then use most word processing software to print out the name at the size you need. 

There are thousands of fonts on the web that you can download for free and many that you can purchase. I get my fonts from many sources but one decent source is This link will load up many stencil fonts for you. Not all stencil fonts work well on the scroll saw. Look for ones that have large enough bridges that the sections of the letters will not be too weak.

You are concerned primarily with the characters.... Q,O,P,A,D,B,6,8,9,0.  All these characters have floaters that will fall out when cut on the scroll saw.

The image below is just a few samples of the fonts I use. I c