Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lord is my shepherd.

I received many emails today with information about the Sand-Flee I requested. I tried to reply to as many as I could but I did read read them all. After around 70 emails I can say that they were mostly positive. There were a few complaints to be sure but I would expect that. After all the advice about building one from scratch or from a kit. I think I will pass on that for now. I might build one later as a project but for now I am going to buy the 9" Sand-flee model. I received a couple offers to buy used machines and one offer to give me their sander. Still looking into that and I'll see how that goes.

Here is a typical response I received in one of the emails:

"I bought a Sand-Flee sander several years ago, and that's my main machine now. I seldom ever use my belt sander, orbital, or plate sanders any longer. I do a lot of scroll saw and laser cutting of wood. It is super fast and much easier to control than my other sanders. Mine is the wide belt and I use a course belt on one half and a fine belt on the other half of the drum. That way I can rough sand and finish sand very quickly. I wouldn't be without this machine in my shop! I use it more than any other machine after my Scrollsaw and Laser. Mine has the Stainless steel top which is great."

I am really lucky to be able to ask for advice and have so many of you help me out. Thanks to all of you. There were some great tips about the machine and hopefully I can pass some of that along after I have one in my shop for review.

By the way I can tell everyone is getting back into their shops after a long hot summer. We set a record for visits today. 5174 visits to the blog. Considering that over 7000 of you just read the email newsletter and do not actually come to the blog that's pretty good numbers. Thanks to everyone of you and remember to pass the word along to your friends. Not that it's all that important but if you read the blog from the email newsletter please occasionally visit the blog. There are several things available on the blog that you can't access from the newsletter and frankly I like to see the daily blog visits go up. It would make my year if I could get 10,000 visits in one day.

It might also convince a few vendors that we have a good thing going here and donate some nice giveaway items. HINT, HINT. If you are or know any vendors that would like to pass along merchandise for the giveaway I would be happy to give attribution. Your product in front of thousands of scorollers eyeballs in return.

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This is the end of the daily posts. Keep scrolling for lot's more scrolls saw fun!