Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stickman Rodeo Scroll Saw Pattern.

The Stickmen are back at it again. This time they are on the Stickman Rodeo Circuit.

Jimmy "Dusty Butt" Calhoun

Jimmy has been a professional bull rider for two seasons. He has had every stick in his body broke at least once. Jimmy has never made an 8-second full ride. They don't call him Dusty Butt for nothing.

By the way, the bulls name is Stick Breaker. Stick is mean. How mean is he?  He is so mean that his cow chips have to be removed from his pin by a HAZMAT team. 

Tex "Slim" McCoy

Tex is not a real cowboy. He just sits on the fence and tells everyone his name is Tex. Tex has broken every bone in his body at least once. He falls off the fence a lot.

Lonnie "No Legs" Rogers

Lonnie is one of the best rodeo clowns to ever jump in a barrel. Cowboys love him. Lonnie has never been married. He did not have a mother, father or brothers, and sisters. He was simply made from an old whiskey barrel. Lonnie plans to retire after this season. The other cowboys are going to take Lonnie's barrel and make him a girlfriend as a retirement gift. Now that's a thoughtful gift.

Phillip "The King" Mountbatten III

Phillip was in the second line to be the King of Stickastania. Before he could take his rightful place on the thrown the people of Stickastania formed an uprising and threw him out of the country. His crime? The people found out that Phillip was cut with a laser. 

Phillip now works the circuit as a clown bullfighter. He hopes to one day return to Stickastania and convince the people that lasers are real woodworking. It will be a long hard fight.