Friday, July 19, 2019

Leaf Art Tiles Scroll Saw Pattern.

If you ever need to create a piece of art and don't feel like you have the artistic ability here is a trick. Use shapes from nature. Leaves, trees, mountains, and lakes can all make instant art. Nature is a great artist. 

For these art tiles, I chose three different leaf shapes. I glued them to 6" X 6" wooden tiles using 1/2" long standoffs. The standoffs give a nice shadow effect. 

These are small but you could easily take these up to 12" tiles and still look nice. They can be made to hang on a wall or use thicker tiles and sit them on a shelf or mantle.

The nicer the grain on the tiles the more natural and artistic the pieces look. You do want to use contrasting woods. I used 1/8" Baltic birch plywood for the leaves and walnut for the tiles. 

Projects cannot get much simpler than this. In just a few minutes you have nice artwork for almost any room in the house.