Sunday, January 22, 2017

The big reveal.
Download this technique booklet below.

Yesterday I showed the technique I use to flatten cupped boards. This is a common problem especially on scroll saw ready thin and wide boards. 

I went out in the shop this morning to see the results. The picture below is what I had. The board is flat to within a 1/64" side to side the full length of the board. This board was completely unusable yesterday. The board is orientated the same in both pictures.

I am going to sticker this board for a few days with weights on top and see if we can keep it from cupping again. I obviously added moisture content to the board and it needs to dry slowly on both sides. If you don't give it time to dry it will cup again.

I wanted to go through this process because I get a lot of email asking how to find thin boards for projects. Most of the time if you don't have the machinery to mill the boards yourself you will need to order online. I recently began a collaboration with Heritage Wood Specialties.  They deliver a quality product but like all mills they cannot stop mother nature. 

When your order leaves their mill it will be flat. It will usually arrive flat but if precautions are not taken you will end up with a cupped board occasionally. If you have problems consult with the mill you purchased the boards from. You now also have a technique you can use to fix those cupped boards if needed.

If you want to have a copy of this technique use the Download Button below.