Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Segmentation Horse Scroll Saw Pattern.

 Segmentation cutting can produce nice results and is fairly easy to accomplish. This segmentation horse is displayed on an easel to give it more of an art piece feel. The Easel pattern is included.

There is only one interior cut in this pattern. Once you cut out the eye all the other cuts are made like cutting a puzzle. You want to use a thin blade for this project. You don't want to remove any more wood than necessary so the pieces fit back together nicely.

I like to put the pieces back together as I cut them. You can print a second pattern and lay the pieces on it to help keep things straight. 

For small pieces like in this pattern, I like to use a Dremel tool with a sanding drum. Use what you have just make sure you get the pieces rounded over enough. You want good visual separation when reassembled.

When I am gluing the pieces back together I do it in small sections. Then I assemble the sections until the pieces are completed. Only apply glue to the bottom of the edges to prevent squeeze out on the top.

I used a simple easel to display the work.

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