Thursday, October 10, 2019

Four Styles of Desk Organizer Scroll Saw Pattern.

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I needed a desk organizer tray so that is today's project. I needed a place for my iPhone and business cards. One of the designs replaces the business card holder with a pen/pencil holder. I also included one without a business card or smartphone holder. You can see a diagram of all four designs below.

The smartphone slot is the cut that you may need to alter. I have a case on my iPhone so I made the slot larger. You may need to adjust for your phone.

The phone slot also has a hole for the power cable to come through. There needs to be enough room for the power cable to plug into the phone. I put rubber feet on the bottom of the organizer to get it higher. 

This is a two-layer design. To get a good glue-up of the layers you want to select boards that are relatively flat.

In this project, it is important that the lines be cut as straight as possible. A crooked cut will really show up in this project. Sand away any miscuts before you to the glue-up.

The picture below shows the rubber feet I used. These are self-stick feet that you can get at almost any hardware store.

The next image shows the four designs.

Wooden Visions by Charles Dearing.