Friday, July 30, 2021

Large Initial Door Ornaments Scroll Saw Pattern.

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 Download the Pattern Below

A set of large layered initial ornaments. The frame is ~10" tall. 

If you cut these as door ornaments then you may want them larger. If you are using the default PDF viewer you can scale the print. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has a built-in poster print feature. Look at the print dialog below. It highlights what is need to print this pattern to 150%. That print will be of four sheets of paper and the ornament frame will be ~15" tall. Just remember to print the letter at the same scale.

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Sheet goods are heavy. This will help.

This build video comes from the WillWood YouTube channel. For very little cost, this simple little tool will make moving large sheet goods easier. When you go to the big box store for a 4' X 8' sheet of plywood just take this along. 

I don't think the wheels are large enough to go over thresholds but they will get you most of the way. I think I would add rubber pads for better grip and less chance of damage to the plywood.

The key to this tool is the use of hinges. You can't see them in these pictures but once you see the video it will make sense.