Friday, February 3, 2017

Pattern Deleted.

Out of an abundance of caution I have deleted this mornings pattern. I received this email and thought I should share it with you. I advise you not to use the pattern.

Dear Steve!

Being a medical man, I feel a compelling urge to strongly advice against your project: Bang head here – stress therapy. It is a well known fact that banging your head against the wall may cause severe brain damage and it most certainly does not have anything with stress therapy to do. A normal person may consider this to be funny, but mentally disturbed people or children react differently and may try out this project just for fun. For patients with potential vascular disorders, any banging of the head against a wall could mean disaster. Take my advice, remove this project and advice against it’s potential dangers.

Other than this, I enjoy your blog.

Yours kindly

Angle Gauge

There are a few different ways to set the angle of your scroll saw table. One method I use a lot is the protractor behind the blade. Long time reader Lori Scott sent me an email tonight with a link from woodsmith magazine. They had made this handy little protractor holder for a band saw project.

I went right to the shop and made one. It might not do something magic but it's just that little extra